Essence Songs

By Zan

The original from the album "Essence"


Worlds upon worlds upon worlds without end
come into existence and recede again.
And these lives upon lives upon lives that we live,
turning wheel reveals, it takes and it gives.
At times in our lives a knowing arrives
that all has its purpose and balance abides.
When the going gets tough, the toughest relax
at peace with the knowledge of all that we lack.
Lean into the sharp points of life and you’ll see,
surrender is our greatest victory.
All our clinging only bringing
distance from the thing we seek.
Simply breathing so relieving,
smiling to each face we meet.

We can’t restore what came before this
Allow what is now to be
Residents of the present tense
Discover the other is family
These layers upon layers upon layers that we build
around us confound us and down will they spill
when the wise and the true and the timeless in you
answers the calling and dances anew.
The minute is here the moment is clear
at home in unknown with nothing to fear.
When these worlds upon worlds that unfurl without end
come into existence and recede again.
Susta - a - ained in endless refra - a - a - a - ain