Oso Blanco Songs

By Bóveda Celeste


En este camino rumbo a la selva
me he encontrado un pajarito sonajero
que inspirado en el vuelo del águila
encontró en su corazón
este canto que brota del alma
aquí y ahora

Pajarillo sonajero
encontraste en la vision
a un oso blanco
con alas de condor
y mirada de jaguar

Entrelazas mariri*
las plumas del águila y del cóndor
donde llueven las gotas del cielo
que hoy fecunda la semilla

En este camino
rumba la selva
he encontrado un corazón sonajero

*Mariri is often used as a space-filling rhythmic sound in traditional medicine songs. It can refer to the force of the medicine, or its technical meaning refers to ‘shamanic phlegm’ that is used for protection. It is referenced frequently in the mythology, and also used by some contemporary practitioners.


On this path headed for the jungle
I have found a rattling bird
that, inspired by the flight of the eagle,
found in its heart
this song that sprouts forth from the soul
here and now

Rattling bird,
you found in your vision
a white bear
with wings of a condor
and the gaze of a jaguar

You interweave, mariri*
the feathers of the eagle & the condor
where the drops of the heavens rain down
that today fertilize the seed

On this path
headed for the jungle
I have found a rattling heart