Piedra Negra, Piedra Blanca Songs

By Arturo Mena


Piedra negra piedra blanca, piedra negra piedra blanca
Corbatita runancita, corbatita runancita

En la falda del cerrito, en la falda del cerrito
Danza danza curandera con tu pañuelito seda

En tus ojos yo te veo, en tus ojos yo te veo
Con el corazón te hablo, con el corazón te hablo

Ayahuasca curandera, chacrunita curandera
Cura cura cuerpecito, limpia limpia espiritito

En la cima del cerrito, en la cima del cerrito
Danza danza curandero, danza danza curandero


Black stone white stone

Corbatita runancita: Precise translation unknown. Corbatita is a diminutive of corbata,
meaning “necktie”. Runa is people in quechua. Runancita is an endearing version of
people/person with a feeling of commonality, connection, or respect.

On the slopes of the hill,
dance dance healer with your silk handkerchief

In your eyes I see you
With the heart I speak to you

Healer Ayahuasca, healer chacruna
Cure cure the body, cleanse cleanse the spirit

On the top of the hill,
dance dance healer