Sirenita Bobinsana Songs

By Arturo Mena

A well-loved and often covered medicine song, born of the jungle. Bobinsana is the name of a jungle plant that grows on the banks of the streams and rivers. It is often used for those new to the practice of the dieta, and is reported to enhance the dream state.


Sirenita de los ríos, danza danza con el viento
Sirenita de Renquía, danza danza con el viento
Con tus flores y aroma, perfuma los corazones (x2)
Cura cura cuerpecito, limpia limpia espíritito (x2)
Cantaremos icaritos en sesioncita de ayahuasca*
Danzaremos muy juntitos, sirenita Bobinsana
Medicina de la selva eres tú Bobinsanita (x2)
curas males, das visiones, a tus hijos en las dietas (x2)

* Sometimes abuelita curandera


Siren of the rivers, dance with the wind
Siren of the Renquía river, dance with the wind
With your flowers and fragrance, perfume the hearts

Cure cure the body, cleanse cleanse the spirit
Let’s sing icaros in an Ayahuasca session
Let’s dance very closely, siren Bobinsana (jungle plant)

Medicine of the jungle, it is you Bobinsana
You cure ills, give visions to your children on the diets