Warrior Songs

By Words by Jocelyn Steury, Music by Zan Moore


I know a warrior, her heart is wide,
Her spirit’s joyful, reverence resides
I know a warrior, her sunrise song
With raven feathers she names the dawn
I know a warrior, deathless and free
Flesh tends the garden, bones sow the seeds

Oceans guide her arrow, oceans guide her arrow
Soft her hand, mountains to sand

I know a warrior, her rainbow bow
White petal sunlight, new life behold
I know a warrior, centered she stood
Igniting fires, bright sisterhood
I know a warrior, her truth believe
I’m blessed this warrior, she lives in me

Oceans guide our arrows (x2)
Soft our hands, mountains to sand


  • G6
  • Am add9
  • C add9